The Mills Charity works for the people of Framlingham through the bequest of Thomas Mills. For individuals the Charity can assist financially to reduce need, hardship or distress; and the Charity can make grants or pay for items or services as the Trustees see fit. Benefactors need to be residents of Framlingham or very closely associated with the town.

Exceptional cases

The Trustees may grant assistance to persons who are eligible but are resident immediately outside the town. The Trustees usually interpret this as a person or organisation in an adjoining parish.

Generally and Institutions

The Charity can pay for items, services or facilities as donations or subscriptions. The assistance should provide these facilities, items or services for the general good or for individual cases of need.

Applications for assistance to The Mills Charity

The Trustees at their meetings - held every two months - consider applications for assistance. Cases for consideration should be made to the Chairman of the Trustees, The Mills Charity, PO Box 1703, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9WW. The application should outline the need and also why the need has arisen. Provided the application falls within the remit of the Charity all cases are considered. A supporting letter from a professional or other suitable referee to accompany the application is very useful.
The Charity cannot commit itself to repeat requests for assistance.